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Gia nhập đội ngũ ELSA

Gia nhập đội ngũ ELSA

Công ty ELSA là một nhân tố tiềm năng trong cộng đồng khởi nghiệp, được thành lập tại San Francisco với văn phòng kỹ thuật tại Lisbon. Tầm nhìn của chúng tôi là giúp mọi người sử dụng ngoại ngữ với đủ sự tự tin, từ đó có được cuộc sống tốt đẹp hơn và nắm bắt nhiều cơ hội nghề nghiệp.

Vị trí tuyển dụng

Nói Tiếng Anh thông qua những mẩu hội thoại đơn giản thú vị. Nhận phản hồi tức thì nhờ công nghệ Trí Tuệ Nhân Tạo độc quyền

Software Engineer

Team: Engineering

Location: Vietnam (HCMC Prefered)

At ELSA we have developed our own backend infrastructure using a Python-based stack and our frontend mostly based on Vue.js. Everything happens in the apps and in the backend gets tracked and stored into our databases. As a full-stack developer on the global engineering team, you will be modifying both backend and frontend and analyzing the resulting data to help ELSA leadership team make important decisions on the ELSA product future.

As part of your role you will:

  • Transform abstract ideas specifications into actionable engineering tasks
  • Design and implement new backend support for new ELSA features. Maintain existing features
  • Setup logs and metrics and evaluate how these experimental features are performing.
  • Derive conclusions from the obtained metrics and present them to the ELSA management team
  • Interact with other staff at ELSA to decide on which experimental features should be evolved and which ones should be killed.


  • 4+ years of experience as a full-stack developer
  • University degree (bachelor or masters) in Computer Science (or similar)
  • Experience with Python and VueJS framework or other Javascripts framework (Angular, React..)
  • Practice professional software development (OOP, Testing, GIT, CI/CD)
  • Be curious and eager to learn, be a team player and be ready to put a lot of effort in the project
  • Good communication skills in English, both oral and written.

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with software architecture design to design and implement new features from scratch
  • Experience with AWS and Microservice
  • Prior experience building the backend for end-customer products.

Why You’ll Love Working Here

  • Competitive salary according to seniority
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health insurance
  • Ample room to grow professionally, in a global environment
  • Friendly work environment, no office politics
  • Experience the true startup spirit of a fast growing and well funded Silicon Valley startup
  • Opportunity to work on a mission that can transform the lives of 1.5 Billion language learners around the

To Apply: Apply now to maximize your talents and make a real impact! Send your CV to [email protected]

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