Practice makes perfect!

Improve your English-speaking skills in three easy steps:

Turn on Speech Analyzer

Sign into Speech Analyzer via our website and turn on the mic!

Speak freely!

You\'ll get a transcript of what you said in real time!

Review our feedback

Receive a detailed analysis of your performance.

Let Speech Analyzer help you


Improve your



Develop a natural



Build confidence and



Get feedback on

your Grammar


Expand your Active


Trusted by Professionals and Global Learners

ELSA Speech Analyzer helps learners and professionals from all walks of life to convey their message confidently in English.

Executive Managers

Time is money! With Speech Analyzer, busy executives can record work meetings and receive immediate feedback on their English. No need to attend classes anymore!


Team Leads

Communication is key! Lead your team to success by speaking clearly and confidently.


Test Takers

Practice makes perfect! Prepare for that all-important English exam with ELSA Speech Analyzer.



Look beyond the classroom! Speech Analyzer is the perfect English companion!


Opportunity Seekers

Interviewing for a big job? Moving abroad? Whatever’s on the horizon, Speech Analyzer will help you prepare for your next big step!


Speech Analyzer for Organizations

Give your team the tool they need to succeed, and see your organization grow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your questions about ELSA Speech Analyzer…

What is ELSA Speech Analyzer A.I. based on?

ELSA's artificial intelligence technology was developed using voice data of people speaking English with various accents. This allows ELSA to recognize the speech patterns of non-native speakers, setting it apart from most other voice recognition technologies.

How do I use ELSA Speech Analyzer to practice my speech?

Prepare the speech you want to practice, open ELSA Speech Analyzer in your browser, and turn on the recording. Start your speech or freely speak your mind and let ELSA Speech Analyzer listen to your speech. Review your speech and take notes to improve. Practice multiple times for improvement.

Make sure to use ELSA Speech Analyzer in a quiet environment so that distracting noises do not impact your performance results.

How do I use ELSA Speech Analyzer in my online meetings?

Keep ELSA Speech Analyzer open in your browser. Sync your calendar to be reminded of your upcoming meetings. Turn on the Speech Analyzer at the start of your meeting. Participate in your meeting like normal and review the result when you finish your meeting.

Other attendees of the meeting will not be recorded.

Which meeting platforms can I use ELSA Speech Analyzer with?

You can use ELSA Speech Analyzer in your online meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, etc.