The University of Oxford, United Kingdom, together with the world-leading English learning application, ELSA Speak, has recently signed a contract on the implementation of ELSA Oxford Business Result in ELSA Speak. With a goal to enable working professionals to learn conversational English with proper pronunciation, this collaboration is a strategic partnership between the globally-known commercial English coursebooks and Artificial Intelligence. 

ELSA & The Application of Voice Recognition in Practicing Pronunciation

Established in 2015 and birthed from the idea of becoming a “buddy” who can help learners perfect their English pronunciation, ELSA has proved its branding through various achievements namely “#1 Education App on App Store, and the winner of “The Best Digital Learning App” by Reimagine Education. 

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With the investment from Google and a proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, ELSA has become the only English learning application that can navigate and correct mispronunciation on individual sounds levels.

Users can download ELSA on App Store or CH Play with the keyword “ELSA Speak”.

For first-time users, ELSA sets them up with a 5-minute assessment test to measure their current ability to pronounce English as well as difficulties that they are facing in learning English.

On top of that, with the help from AI and algorithms of ELSA Speak, the application designs a personalized program for users, making sure that every learner will get to learn at their own pace and level. 

ELSA guarantees to provide you with  joyful and effective English learning experience than ever before, all thanks to:

  • More than 23,000 exercises with many common and daily-used idiomatic expressions
  • Short and cheerful conversational dialogues  that help you take interest in learning
  • Scoring technology using AI with precise assessment on the individual sounds level
  • In-app American English integrated learning
  • In-app dictionary that allows you to personalize to your own learning preference
  • The convenience of studying anywhere – anytime

Oxford Business Result 2nd – Conversational English for Working Professionals

Oxford Business Result is designed and compiled by the University of Oxford, the United Kingdom with the aim to upgrade the ability to use English in the workplace. 

For that reason, Oxford Business Result offers learners knowledge on conversational English in work and business,  which will help them to hone their interpersonal skills and conduct conversations in their work more effectively and efficiently.

Reasons why you need ELSA and Oxford Program

Specific and constructive course outline from Oxford University

Oxford University divides Oxford Business Result into many levels based on the standard of CEFR (Europe), ranging from A2 to C2. Hence, Oxford Business Result 2nd has 6 volumes in total, from Starter to Advanced.

This is the unique feature of the Oxford Program which best fits in ELSA’s highly personalized learning experience since learners are able to learn at their own level, which helps to facilitate their learning journey to get the best out of them. 

Moreover, with 130 units and 23,000 exercises, Oxford Business Result will help learners focus on one aspect each in every exercise or unit. This coherent flow of knowledge can help learners to learn more easily without sidetracking. 

As for ELSA Oxford Business Result, learners will experience a highly personalized learning experience that has been optimized for each level, in line with the vision of ELSA Speak.

By learning with Oxford Business Result, you will have a chance to learn workplace communication, from extremely basic topics (e.g self-introduction, small talks) to abstract and advanced ones (e.g leadership, team management, or persuasion).

With the assistance of ELSA Speak, learners are able to not only guarantee the content of the course but also practice standard American English pronunciation with the help of the scoring technology in-app. Therefore, users should have a well-rounded learning experience.

Oxford Business Result Vol. 1 (Starter) 

Just the name speaks volumes about the content of the book, this volume of Oxford Business Result focuses on daily conversations, for example, self-introduction, small talks in the workplace, recreational activities, etc. Most of the topics in the first volume serve everyday talk topics with your colleague. 

oxford university vol.1
The starter level helps small steppers prepare for their leaps.

Oxford Business Result Vol. 2 (Elementary) 

At this stage, after finishing Vol.1, learners are able to engage in short daily conversation, in Vol.2 of Business Oxford Result, learners are exposed to slightly more difficult topics such as online ordering, making phone calls, or discussions about service and teamwork. 

As you can see, in Vol.2, Oxford University incentivizes learners to make relatively long conversations in more formal and professional settings.

oxford university vol.2
The Pre-Intermediate level helps you with more knowledge about the business world.

Oxford Business Result Vol. 3 (Pre-Intermediate) 

The target audiences of Vol.3 are those who have already had a foundation in English because the topics in this volume are designed with a professional workplace context, for example customer care service, order processing or even pitching language and team training.

Vol.3 of the Oxford Business Result sets you up in a difficult situation at work which after finishing the level, lets you apply what you have learned into in actual situations. 

oxford university vol.3
The Pre-Intermediate level helps you with more knowledge about the business world.

Oxford Business Result Vol. 4 (Intermediate) 

The intermediate level of Oxford Business Result expands itself to other workplace topics by focusing more on specific fields and industries such as service, logistics, and delivery or finance. In general, Vol.4 provides you with phrases and sentences which are related to your daily work management. 

The expected outcome of Vol.4 is for managers or leaders of any company to comfortably and confidently communicate with their members, spread inspiration, and be able to handle different types of customers.

oxford university vol.4
The Intermediate level fits those who are leaders, who are inspirational and motivational towards their team members.

Oxford Business Result Vol. 5 (Upper-Intermediate) 

Vol.5 of the Oxford Business Result helps you be more professional in meetings, become more coherent and make better decisions, all in English. 

The target audiences of this volume are those who make core decisions, lead the company and manage a department in any firm.

So, the content of Vol.5 also centers around such topics as business ethics, entrepreneurship, decision making, etc with abstract and hard terms about the workplace.

oxford university vol.5
The upper-Intermediate level allows you to be a better decision-makers

Oxford Business Result Vol. 6 (Advanced) 

After finishing Vol.6, the Advanced level of the course, learners will then have conquered the 6-volume set of Oxford Business Result. 

The expected outcome of Vol.6 is for learners to have a thorough grasp of business concepts and models in English so as to better prepare for an international business environment. 

At this level, the target audience would be individuals who hold managerial positions of a company since the content will mainly revolve around leadership, negotiation or even the art of persuasion in English. 

oxford university vol.6
Let the Advanced level help you – managerial working professionals have a better grasp of business concepts in English.

HOW ELSA Oxford Business Result Users Say About Their Achievements

Users of ELSA Oxford Business Result come from different backgrounds and are extremely diverse, which is understandable because of the highly personalized learning approach from ELSA Speak and the exclusively tailored course outline from Oxford University. However, they all have one thing in common, which that is they always get exceptional outcomes and a good experience learning with ELSA Oxford Business Result. 

Thắng Nguyễn, senior student and his experience with Vol. 1 (Starter)

Being a typical student here in Vietnam, Thang has never focused on learning English during his secondary and high school journey. However, after going to university, Thang has realized the necessity of English but the tuition fee in English centers in Vietnam are unaffordable when compared to the meager budget. So, he has to put off learning English.

Currently a senior student, Thang finds his lack of English skills a real obstacle for him when it comes to recruitment, oftentimes also feeling inferior to other candidates. The senior then turned to ELSA Oxford Business Result, Vol.1 (Starter) as a tool to at least qualify himself.

Cramming with ELSA for a consecutive 3-month duration, Thang is now able to communicate at a basic level, although there is still mispronunciation. Thang said that he would not have been able to speak English if it had not been for ELSA. Now, Thang is on the quest of landing a dream job of his.

Tú Đình, an executive at an MNC and his experience with Vol. 6 (Advanced)

Tu himself is an executive at an MNC in FMCG, so he considers English as an indispensable skill to support him at work as well as when trying to make a good impression on his boss and seniors.

With a good foundation in working English thanks to his multicultural workplace environment, Tu has decided to go for Vol.6 (Advanced) and study for 3 months. After only half of the time learning with ELSA Oxford Business Result, he claims to have been better at English communication in meeting rooms, which he found very challenging before.

Tu is very satisfied with the efficiency of the application, and he adds that he has been nominated for a project leader position in his company owing to his progress lately

Quỳnh Phạm, regional manager and his experience with Vol. 6 (Advanced)

Mr. Quynh is a special customer of ELSA Oxford Business Result. He reached out to ELSA after his promotion to become the regional manager of an instant noodles company. Although already carrying out clerical work in English on a daily basis, he still finds it hard to articulate in English, especially when pitching. 

As for his new title now, he has to engage himself in regular training sessions as well as manage a multicultural team with members from all over the globe. This raised his need to improve his presentation and persuasion skills in English. 

Seeing that his demand is quite suitable to the course outline of Vol.6, he has been diligently working on ELSA Oxford Business Result. He testified that the product is reliable and brings about an effective outcome. 

He continues by saying that the lessons are down-to-earth and applicable to real business. Thanks to that, he is now able to persuade, assert dominance and manage projects very well. In addition, he is seen as a remarkable manager with equally remarkable articulation. 

ELSA & Oxford Program: Mission and Vision for the 4.0 Language Learning Era

Grant Vietnamese Access to World-Class Education

The collaboration between ELSA and Oxford University Press is considered as the combination of Artificial Intelligence and the age-old and most reliable press. ELSA Speak and Oxford University aim to not only promote the mutual product but also help with the overall development of English learners in Vietnam. 

Together with the exclusively designed and compiled course outline from top experts and ELSA, the top5 globally smartest AI application, ELSA hopes to bring in-depth values and various relevant fields to learners in order to create values for the Vietnamese education system. 

“Moving forward ELSA will continue to improve & introduce more quality content from all over the world, so that people from different corners, regardless of your backgrounds, can have access to new knowledge and concepts; by then broaden their horizons.” – Ms. Vu Van, CEO & Co-Founder of ELSA Speak added. 

Learning English No Longer A Fear To Working Professionals

Oxford Business Result 2nd consists of 6 volumes divided into separate levels based on the standard of CEFR (Europe) and will offer you a versatile and convenient learning experience. Learners can pick up any course that is suitable for them and their level so that their learning journey will be effective, continual, and personalized.

In addition, with the help of AI from ELSA and voice recognition technology integrated in-app, learners will receive on-the-spot feedback with the precise and detailed correction to the level of individual sounds. This is how ELSA differentiates itself from any other similar application and even brick-and-mortar English center. 

Bring about Life-long Values for Learners

English is, in this day and age, a must-have for any job-seekers who want to stand out in the competitive job markets. This makes practicing speaking and pronouncing English a top concern among not only students but workers, too.

The collaboration of ELSA and Oxford University Press especially helps learners have a better grasp of their technical knowledge, as well as hone their pronunciation skills in English. With that, learners of ELSA and Oxford Program are more likely to have a bright future of landing not only domestic jobs in Vietnam but also global job opportunities.

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