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ELSA Speak – the leading English communication training solution

ELSA Speak – the leading English communication training solution

Many domestic businesses now see English communication as an inevitable trend in the development process, not only multinational corporations. However, selecting a solution to improve English proficiency following the characteristics of a business is easier said than done. Understanding the challenges business leaders face, ELSA Speak has developed an elite business English solution to help improving English communication for today’s companies.

As the business world collides, English becomes essential.

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Ready or not, English is now the global language of business. More and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language. There are three main reasons that local companies should hold English corporate training for their talents, fundamental English communication:

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Enhance the competitive advantage

Suppose businesses want to expand their market or seek investment from foreign companies. In that case, fluent English is one of the prerequisites since most multinational companies use English as the language of communication. If one failed to communicate in English, it would not be easy to show their unit’s full capacity and advantages to their partner and lose their competitive edge.

Help optimizing employee performance

Many companies have foreign partners or foreign boards of management. Employees need to use English efficiently to improve work performance or handle situations as required. If you wait for the support of an interpreter, stagnation is inevitable. This is why English training solutions for working professionals are increasingly popular.

Contribute to building brand image

It is not only until the business meets a foreign investor does one starts to pay attention to training their employees’ English level. When the globalization process makes a solid impact everywhere, the number of foreigners coming to invest and work in Vietnam increases. To best serve this group of prospects and contribute to enhancing the brand image in the eyes of international clients, being fluent in English is essential.

Advantages for businesses when investing in their internal team’s English fluency

Những lợi ích khi doanh nghiệp đầu tư vào tiếng Anh nội bộ | ELSA Speak

Minimizing errors in the working process

According to a study by Pearson Education, employees who speak improper English can increase the risk of losing foreign partners by 32% and making errors in projects by 27%. This number can significantly affect the business performance and outcomes.

Enhance customer satisfaction

When employees’ ability to use business English improves, foreign customers’ problems will be captured and handled more quickly. This contributes to improving customer satisfaction when using the company’s services and contributes to increased revenue and brand image.

Improve employee engagement

Employee engagement affects almost all aspects of one business. This includes profitability, revenue, customer experience, employee turnover, and many more. By putting aside a budget to cater to your employees’ wants and needs, their career development, you are, in essence, investing directly into the company itself.

ELSA – An all-in-one corporate English training solution

gói ELSA cho tổ chức giúp đào tạo tiếng Anh doanh nghiệp hiệu quả | ELSA Speak

Understanding the importance of English, many companies have included English training as part of their employees’ mandatory training program.

However, traditional English teaching methodology entails many obstacles, especially in terms of time and cost. It takes a considerable effort to arrange for one department to attend English training, not to mention the differences in each employee’s English level. The number of departments that need to be trained also complicated the process.

ELSA Speak is recommended as one of the best corporate English training solutions for SMEs and big corporations, as ELSA cuts down a significant amount of time and cost for businesses’ training with our proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

Changing businesses one employee at a time

When using ELSA Speak for their corporate English training program, many companies and learners have seen a remarkable improvement in English communication ability and work performance. Our clients share their statistics after using ELSA for Organization 

  • 90% of users claim to improve their pronunciation.
  • 68% feel that they speak clearly and easily.
  • 95% more confident when using English to communicate.

Outstanding features for businesses of every size

ELSA Speak has worked diligently to research, test, and perfect our corporate English training solution to suit the requirements and expectations of businesses of every size and type.

ELSA’s corporate English training solution provides more than 15,000 lessons to help improve English speaking skills for working professionals. These include pronunciation, stress, and intonation exercises to help learners logically develop comprehensive speaking skills. With more than 120 topics ranging from professional/business English to casual conversation, learners can easily choose the right topic for their work, speed up their learning, and apply it in real-life situations.

Custom learning path for each business unit: ELSA’s leading academic experts will design the most appropriate learning content for each company, tailored to specific requirements and demands. Therefore, giving precise, intuitive, and most practical English training to the working members.

Real-time analysis and assessment: With ELSA Dashboard feature, businesses can quickly see the improvement and completion of each employee, a single department, or the organization by the day. ELSA Dashboard also reports on the training process efficiency in detail. Businesses can access all of the records, from individual scores and study time to the number of lessons completed, and make changes promptly.

Over +100 businesses have chosen ELSA Speak as their Corporate English training provider. Try out the free Demo ELSA today to experience the leading corporate English training solution.

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