Businesses Thrive on English-Proficient Employees. How?

Businesses Thrive on English-Proficient Employees. How?

English is the primary language of communication in 56% of global companies. Therefore,  if they are to continue on the path of economic development, Vietnamese businesses must ensure that they hone and grow English-proficient Employees. English has numerous advantages not only for businesses but also for employees. So, what exactly are those advantages?

4 Benefits Brought by English-Proficient Employees

Expand Opportunities, Scope of Cooperation, Influence

If the company’s leaders and employees are unable to communicate in English, it is difficult for businesses to gain timely access to the latest information on the international market. Globalization is taking place, and changes in the global market have a direct impact on the domestic market. Enterprises are unable to capitalize on opportunities for collaboration and investment in a timely manner. This also results in a loss of competitive advantage.

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According to a report by the Economic Intelligence Unit (Intelligence Unit), nearly 90% of the 572 executives surveyed said that if their employees have English communication skills, their profits and revenue will increase quickly, and the opportunity to expand the business will improve. At the same time, English proficiency reduces the damage to one’s reputation and profits caused by cultural understanding inadequacies and a lack of language proficiency.

English-proficient Employees are More Persuasive

Employees who can communicate in English will assist businesses in overcoming cultural and language barriers. Businesses will be able to better understand the needs and desires of their customers and partners. From there, it will be easier to provide examples and plans that are closer to what customers expect, making persuading customers much easier.

According to the Intelligence Unit report, 70% of business managers have difficulty communicating with customers when their employees do not speak a foreign language. The language barriers present make it harder for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Build Customer Trust and Confidence

Faults in contracts, documents, and English emails sent to customers will create a negative impression right from the very beginning of negotiations. Customers will feel uneasy when making a decision.

When the staff cannot communicate in English, you cannot guarantee that the customer will understand what you are saying correctly and completely. Confusion in communication can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings, making both parties dissatisfied and even causing the loss of trust in one another.

Opportunities for Employee Advancement

An employee who knows and uses English fluently will perform better at work. They have faster access to and processing of diverse information sources, allowing them to seize opportunities and customers. This is important since they are also in charge of negotiating new contracts for the company. Work efficiency allows an employee to advance and receive better incentives from the company.

Effective Online English Training Solution for Working People – ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak, which uses AI technology to recognize speech, analyze, and correct mistakes for each syllable for learners, was named by Forbes as one of the Top 4 companies using AI to change the world, and CB Insights named it one of the Top 100 of the world’s leading AI companies.

Language experts tailor ELSA’s curriculum and training programs for organizations, ensuring that they are personalized to the unique needs of each business. Comprehensive materials with over 15,000 English practice exercises are constantly updated (business English to professional English). Staff can easily access ELSA from their mobile phones and study comfortably.

With the most detailed and complete reports, the ELSA Dashboard feature enables business owners to easily assess the level of the team or each department. Managers can now see each employee’s ELSA score, as well as the number of hours and lessons learned during the week, thanks to a recent update to the ELSA Dashboard. This enhancement gives the Organization more control over the training program’s effectiveness.

Furthermore, ELSA Speak has recently collaborated with OOOLAB to provide businesses with a computer-based English proficiency test package that includes a variety of skills: Pronunciation, Fluency, Intonation, Accent, and Listening. This system enables multiple tests to be assigned to multiple employees at the same time when businesses are in the process of hiring new employees and evaluating current employees’ foreign language skills. 

If your business is looking for a solution to improve employees’ English skills, then ELSA Speak is the perfect choice. Businesses who want to experience this ability testing system can contact us via email [email protected] or register for a trial at the ELSA demo for organizations.

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