English is Ever so Important Now Due to COVID-19

English is Ever so Important Now Due to COVID-19

“English is not only a medium of communication, but it is also a life skill”

Why is English important

Over the last few decades, English has always been the most widely used language in the corporate world. With over 1.132 million speakers scattered across 118 nations and 50 countries designating it their official language, the language wins the top rank as the most spoken language on the planet.

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In today’s globalized and diversified world, where many business partners may not speak the same native language, English is a common choice as a key medium of communication for both small businesses and large corporations

The internet age’s rise and growth have resulted in the widespread usage of English, particularly as a common language for performing economic transactions. From business emails and documents to communication and employment, English proficiency is essential in many aspects of corporate life around the world.

According to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 70% of executives said their workforce will need to master English to realize corporate expansion plans.

COVID-19 and its impacts: everything goes online

COVID-19 has caused worldwide disruptions, and corporations are no exception. An example would be employment, which has shifted online as a result of the epidemic, putting a spotlight on themes like remote work and/or online learning. 

As businesses realize the promise of a virtual and global world with a worldwide pool of abilities, they will be more eager to hire across borders. As a result, English is destined to become an even more worldwide language.

Revisiting what lack of proficient English can do to your business

Yes, we have been preaching the benefits of learning and mastering the English language. However, let’s look at the opposite side of the picture where we still need to see what low English proficiency level can cost.  

–        Conflict within teams

Without a single language on which teams can rely, the likelihood of conflicts and miscommunication inside and between teams increases by 26%. To ease communication, the teams should have a good command of the English language.

        Unclear meetings

Apart from having an impressive command of written English in today’s competitive corporate culture, an equally impressive command of spoken English is demanded as well.

Meetings and other corporate operations are moving online, as previously said. Connection issues or even simple issues like poor quality microphones are still concerns, even with the latest technology that corporations have equipped. Any poor English expressed during meetings will be amplified by these concerns, resulting in muddled meeting sessions.

ELSA’s proprietary speech technology uses deep learning to help learners improve their pronunciation skills (pronunciation, word stress, listening, conversation, and intonation). Learners can apply these skills to efficiently communicate information during meetings and get the better of the mentioned concerns.

–        Increased mistakes made

According to IPOS research, a worker that does not speak fluent English will make 27 percent more mistakes and have 25% more quality control difficulties. Learning and mastering English, the most widely used business language in the world, allows projects to function more smoothly, minimizing the possibilities of falling short of expectations.

–        Cultural insensitivity when dealing with overseas partners

Working with international partners will become more common as the world becomes more globalized, bringing concerns about cultural insensitivity to the table. It’s best to use English as a common language (culture) to prevent culturally insensitive situations like the above, where you say A but mean B. 

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