How to Improve L&D to Facilitate Employee Upskilling

How to Improve L&D to Facilitate Employee Upskilling

Learning & Development (L&D) is defined as the process to enhance employees skills, knowledge, and competency, to drive better business performance. Employees are usually upskilled to perform better in their current responsibilities or to take up new ones in the organization, and in any case, fill up the skill gap.

L&D does not only call for the right tools and resources for hard skills, but it also requires proper handling of employees’ soft skills and overall willingness to even upskill.  L&D can also be done simply by improving the work environment and not the actual learning tool. 

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Hence, here are some ways you can actually help your employees have more initiative and be more open about upskilling projects.

Incentivize your Upskilling Programme

Incentivizing your upskilling programmes plays an important role in recognizing employees for their efforts and achievements. Incentives are effective in motivating employees to be more productive and valuable to the organization. Hence, incentives should be actively implemented in your overall strategy when looking to upskill your employees.

The most basic form of incentives you can offer is financial incentives or similar rewards that give employees direct and tangible satisfaction. 

Another way can also be to simply gamify your programme/learning and give achievement badges or certificates. You are essentially giving them proof of recognition through these rewards and giving them something to “brag” about and feel motivated by.

You can also feature them in organizations’ newsletters, campaigns, year-end reports, etc. to showcase their achievements and efforts to other employees. This cultivates a meritocratic work environment and motivates others to do the same. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be recognized for their efforts? But be careful, over-doing this may put too much pressure and expectations on some employees and cause your incentives strategy to backfire.

Ensure High Accessibility of Training (With Technology) 

Technology has advanced so beautifully up till now and will continue doing so in many years to come. If you haven’t embraced it, know that it is better late than never. 

Currently, learning technology has eased up the difficulties of learning & development of employees. Learning modules and other resources can be easily accessible from any smart device (laptop, mobile phones, tablet etc.), allowing employees to learn anytime, anywhere.

Don’t hesitate to make learning easily accessible for your employees even if it might cost you slightly more. Adults tend to have so much on their plate that they require on-the-go alternatives for training. Allow them to take control of their own learning and you will definitely receive better results.

Simply put, it makes learning easily accessible. And for busy adult learners that are always on the go, having training on-hand is just the flexibility they need to stay on top of their personal growth whenever their energy levels and focus are maximized for retention.

Encourage Learning Together With Others

According to LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 91% of L&D professionals believe that employees who learn together are more successful and that it helps create a sense of belonging (92%). 

Learning together with others does not necessarily mean you will lose focus easily (due to distractions). In fact, if you learn with the right people, you can easily be more motivated to learn as you know you are not in the journey of learning all alone. 

Employees may also feel a stronger sense of camaraderie when learning with colleagues. The shared experiences bring about a healthier work environment amongst your employees (e.g. more things to talk about during breaks). Proceed to encourage more sociable and teamwork-focused habits from your employees using the group learning approach.

Make Learning Personalized

Personalize your upskilling programme for your employees to better motivate them to learn. Especially with advancements in technology, many upskilling solutions can be found online with e-learning, and these online options are largely popular for their personalized solutions.

Everyone has their own learning style, pace and pathway that is the most efficient for them, and it is up to the organization to provide the most efficient method for them. In return, employees will come back with the best results that they can possibly offer. A win-win situation.

Other than just improving the system used for upskilling, remember also to ask your employees of their thoughts and get their feedback on their learning. Attempt to align their personal goals with the organizational goals. This gives them a clearer picture and motivation why they are upskilling as they realise that what they are learning is also beneficial to their personal growth. 

Upskilling in the English Language

For organizations looking for a learning tool for English that follows closely to the points mentioned above, ELSA Speak will be the best choice! 

Thanks to our exclusive voice recognition technology, ELSA Speak, the world’s Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligence App, corrects your pronunciation problems down to the syllable level in seconds. Learners can listen to native speakers’ pronunciation, see videos of mouth motions, and practice daily to keep improving. This personalization feature is not to be missed when choosing your upskilling solution for English.

To experience and learn more about ELSA Speak and how we can have you improve your upskilling programme for English language training, visit ELSA for Business Demo or contact [email protected] for further advice.

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