How to Nail an Interview: 10 Easy Tips

How to Nail an Interview: 10 Easy Tips

One of the most crucial, and often the most popular, aspects of the employment process is the interview. It provides you with a significant opportunity to impress the hiring manager not just with your talents and qualifications, but also with your confidence and how you hold yourself as a possible employee. Being able to articulate yourself and excel in a high-stress interview sets you apart from other candidates whose applications are quickly discarded.

Taking the required steps to prepare for your interview ahead of time will help you feel more confident when you walk into the room. As a result, we’ll go over 10 tips you may take to ace your next interview in this article.

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1.      Do your research

Showing the interviewer that you have done your homework and have a genuine interest in the company will help you ace your job interviews. Set aside some time before your interview to research the firm and learn about their goals and current events so that you won’t receive a  “Is the information not on our website or social page?” when you ask inquiries. By doing your research, you can avoid embarrassment and boost your chances of getting employed

2.      Study your resume

Because the hiring manager can look up anything on your CV, you should always know who you are and what you include in your resume. As a result, it’s critical to be able to properly describe each experience, expertise, and skill listed on your resume. Convince your interviewer that you can apply those skills to the new job you’re applying for and that you’ll be a good fit for it.

3.      Study the job description

Please read the job description for the position you apply for thoroughly, just as you should research the company and study your own resume. You must know what qualities the employer is searching for in an applicant for that position. If “ability to work well in a team” is required, for example, you should modify your discussions accordingly, possibly by sharing instances of previous teamwork experiences. One of the best strategies to ace your job interview is to do this for every significant point or qualification that you notice in the job description.

4.      Display your skills with examples

When you describe your knowledge and skills, the interviewer may find it difficult to believe you unless you have evidence to back it up. This is where the power of storytelling comes in.  Instead of simply stating that you have led a team, go into detail about your previous experiences and include some interesting anecdotes and instances to back it up. Your comments will also be more credible if you provide specific numbers and quantifications.

The typical hack to this tip is to use the popular STAR method, which stands for:

Situation: What is the situation or challenge that you were facing?

Task: What was your responsibility in that situation?

Action: What exactly did you do to overcome that challenge?

Result: What were the outcomes achieved by taking those actions.

5.      Create a strong first impression

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. You’ll need to know how to build rapport and make a solid first impression if you want to ace your job interview. As soon as you enter the room, greet the interviewer with a positive attitude and a confident smile, and shake his or her hand firmly. Even what you wear to your interview affects the image the interviewer makes of you, and most of the time, business casual attire will be sufficient (please do your research still).

6.      Make sure to have small talk

People are demanding stronger emotional connections as a result of the pandemic, and your interviewer may have higher expectations for your interpersonal skills during the interview. You can always start by asking how they’re doing or identifying a potential shared interest to discuss. Demonstrate to your interviewers that you can hold a conversation outside of work. This capacity to communicate warmth during your interview will leave a positive impression on the interviewer, indicating that you will be a pleasant colleague to work with.

7.      Mind your body language

Always take note of the body language you are projecting during your interview. It will communicate to the interview whether you’re feeling confident, relaxed, or uncertain. Sitting up straight and without slouching your back during the interview will give off pleasant energy. Show that you’re paying attention by looking the interviewers in the eyes while they’re speaking.

8.      Prepare a few questions for the interviewer

At the end of the interview, the interviewer may ask you what questions you have. Always have two or three questions prepared, whether they are about the position itself, career growth, forthcoming projects, or what makes them a fantastic place to work. Ask questions to discover whether or not the company is a suitable fit for you. Keep in mind that you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you.

9.      Send a follow-up email/letter

Send an email or a handwritten letter to the interviewer as soon as possible following the interview. Simply express gratitude for the interviewer’s time. This small gesture can make a huge difference in how he or she perceives you.

10.  Be yourself

Lastly, never try to be someone you are not. You want the hiring manager to hire you for who you are so that you can confidently take up the job and have more credibility at work. Always be true to yourself.

Now you have a list of things to do so you can ace your job interview. If you understand all of the strategies, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

P.S. If you need help with improving your English skills to ace an interview, use ELSA Speak

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