List of popular training methods for employees in enterprises today

List of popular training methods for employees in enterprises today

For businesses, focusing on human resource training is one of the important factors if they want to develop sustainably. However, each company will have its own characteristics, requiring management to carry out comprehensive evaluations to choose the most appropriate form of training. Let’s refer to the most popular training methods currently applied by businesses.

Top 5 popular training methods for employees

Organize periodical overall internal training program

This is considered the most common form of employee training. Enterprises will arrange to focus on overall training in a short time, with the participation of all employees. This will be brought by outsourced experts or company partners to share and talk directly with employees.

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The most obvious advantage of this method is the consistent transmission of knowledge to employees, creating a bond between employees and their company.

However, building an internal training process is relatively complicated and expensive, often requiring businesses to invite experts with experience and skills suitable for each goal set by the business. Furthermore, it is difficult to accurately assess the effectiveness of this method on each employee after each training session.

Building a reading culture in the working environment

Professional books are a fantastic source of information in improving staff qualifications. As a result, many firms prefer to train their employees by fostering a culture of reading, sharing, and discussing relevant topics. From there, organizations can share skills and knowledge and self-study while working.

In terms of advantages, this form is relatively cheap. All that is required is for management to conduct research and find appropriate titles that can be used for a long time.

However, this method requires employees in the company have a self-study mindset, as well as the ability to distill information and apply it in practice. Obviously, this method may not appeal to every employee as it requires one to form a regular habit on their own.

Use trained staff as trainers

Enterprises can also choose potential employees and send them to intensive training courses, after which they can organize training sessions to pass on knowledge to all employees in the organization.

The benefit of this strategy is that it can help businesses save a significant amount of money on training while still achieving the desired result. Furthermore, this method makes it easier to schedule employees to optimize working time interspersed with training.

The disadvantage of this method is that it requires businesses to spend a long time evaluating and selecting suitable personnel. Moreover, not all employees possess sufficient pedagogical skills to fully transfer the gained information to the group. This puts organizations at danger of wasting training funds while also failing to meet their goals.

Rotation of working positions

Job rotation is an effective way to train employees comprehensively, as a basis for selecting future management positions. Through this method, former employees will have the opportunity to approach and practice new skills, gain work experience based on practice.

If applied correctly, this method will help impart employees with knowledge and skills in many different job roles, maximizing work efficiency.

However, this training method is only suitable for a small group or long-term employees, and cannot be applied to the entire team at the same time.

Applying online human resource training solution

With the development of technology and the Internet, online human resource training has become one of the most popular solutions for many businesses. With a diverse collection of lessons, unlimited access, and a low fee, this form is practically perfect for all types of businesses, helping in the quick and easy resolution of challenges in training.

Despite a number of significant advantages, online human resource training has some drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage is that it is impossible to accurately examine employees’ entire learning process as well as training results. This requires the management board to carefully select a training program capable of overcoming the above difficulties.

ELSA Speak – English training app for employees

English is one of the training topics that businesses are most interested in today. However, choosing the right training method to quickly improve the English level of employees is not easy. To help overcome those difficulties, ELSA has launched the ELSA for organizations package with a series of outstanding features. The application has the ability to recognize speech with AI technology to detect and correct pronunciation errors accurately for each syllable.

ELSA’s leading language experts will build a separate learning path, tailored to the needs of each business or organization. As a result, employees’ English learning will be closer to their actual work environment, increasing competitive advantage and efficiency at work.

The competency test system includes technical test, IQ test, and personality test, English proficiency test built by leading academic experts in combination with ELSA Dashboard allowing testing progress and updating the learning status of employees quickly through extremely detailed and intuitive reports. Enterprises will have a comprehensive view of the capacity, development ability, and suitability of new or existing personnel in the company.

It can be seen that each method of training for employees in the enterprise has both advantages and disadvantages. It is important for the management to find ways to overcome the weaknesses and find the most optimal solution for its staff. For businesses who are looking for a way to help their employees learn English, ELSA Speak, one of the most popular training methods, will be the most suitable choice in the current context. Try it for free and learn more about the ELSA solution for organizations today!

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