Online English learning solutions in the 4.0 era for businesses

Online English learning solutions in the 4.0 era for businesses

E-learning is one of the most effective new solutions for businesses in the 4.0 era. How are businesses applying these online English learning solutions in the office and what are the benefits? Let’s find the answer in the following article.

What is E-learning?

E-learning is a method of online education and learning that makes use of Internet-connected devices. This form allows teachers and students to share documents, keep them, and discuss them without needing to meet in person.

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E-learning is now widely accepted in a variety of sectors, owing to the rapid growth of technology and education. It is not difficult to locate online courses or applications that teach communicative English or any other language in this way, allowing learners to gain access to and improve their knowledge more readily and comfortably. 

Benefits of E-learning for businesses

Maximum cost savings

Compared to traditional teaching methods, the use of E-learning allows businesses to cut down many costs on training. Some expenses, such as the cost of organizing offline lessons, the cost of facilities, and document printing, can be minimized. When scheduling centralized training, some businesses with multiple branches can save money on employee accommodation and travel. Experts estimate that using E-learning can help organizations save 50-70% of training costs. This is an impressive number for businesses that usually schedule regular training.

Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the training process

Because of technological support, the process of measuring and evaluating training effectiveness will be considerably more detailed and convenient when using E-learning. This enables businesses to accurately and comprehensively record the whole learning process of their employees, allowing them to make sound decisions about the company’s training roadmap.

Deploy synchronously, quickly

After completing the E-learning training system, businesses can deploy all employees synchronously and quickly, without being limited by time or space. Furthermore, new updates to activities will be simple to carry out. This helps the training department to save a significant amount of time while implementing, summarizing, and evaluating the training process since they are no longer under pressure to evaluate a huge number of outcomes at the same time.

Individual/departmentalization of the training process

Each department inside the business will need to be trained with its own specialized content, and learning route.  In comparison to the traditional method, this strategy will require a significant amount of time to implement and evaluate.  Meanwhile, if E-learning is used, all of this content may be readily available on the same system, tailored for each individual and department if necessary.

This will create the best conditions to improve learning efficiency as well as allow an accurate and comprehensive assessment of each employee’s capacity.

Retaining talent

In addition to reasonable remuneration policies, regular professional development training is also one of the effective ways to retain employees, especially competent ones. Very few individuals pass up the opportunity to work in an environment where they may constantly learn and enhance their skills.

ELSA Speak – Online English learning solution for businesses

In the context of current integration, English for office communication is one of the most important skills in the overall development strategy of an enterprise. Therefore, the application of the E-learning training method is considered the best solution, helping to improve the English level of employees quickly and seamlessly. In particular, ELSA Speak is one of the most appreciated applications today thanks to the development of a series of outstanding features.

Roadmap and program of study

ELSA Speak is one of the best online English learning solutions (application) that uses proprietary AI voice recognition technology to detect and correct pronunciation errors accurately to each syllable. As a result, learners can practice English pronunciation skills comprehensively, and improve their English level for office communication in just a short time.

ELSA Speak’s leading language experts will design a specialized learning path, tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the company or department, which accelerates the ability to apply English in employees’ daily work. Besides, ELSA Speak’s curriculum is researched and developed to suit many different audiences and levels. Therefore, enterprises can easily apply their training in practice.

A wide variety of lessons

Currently, ELSA Speak has developed more than 15,000 English lessons and exercises that comprehensively support speaking skills including pronunciation, stress, and intonation. These lessons and exercises are divided into more than 130 topics ranging from Business English, Professional English to General Office English. All lessons are easily accessible from the phone so employees can comfortably learn and practice anytime, anywhere.

ELSA dashboard latest version 2.0

ELSA dashboard is a special feature developed by ELSA to measure and evaluate learning effectiveness in the most comprehensive way for businesses. This platform allows users to check the learning progress as well as update the learning status of employees in an accurate and intuitive way through detailed and intuitive reports. Through that, businesses will easily make the most objective assessment of training effectiveness and promptly make any appropriate adjustments to serve long-term growth goals.

Applying the E-learning method with online English learning solutions such as ELSA Speak brings about many wonderful benefits to businesses and is a huge step forward in the world of employee training. To learn more about English language training for the office or a range of other useful topics, visit ELSA for organizations now for a free demo and consultation.

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