Solution for online English communication training for employees during the pandemic

Solution for online English communication training for employees during the pandemic

The pandemic has created numerous challenges and has had a significant impact on corporate activities. One of the most pressing needs now is for employees to develop their English communication skills. So, what is the best online solution for English training for employees during this pandemic?

Benefits when native speakers teach English to employees

Inviting a native trainer to teach communication English to staff is one of the solutions that many firms choose nowadays due to a number of advantages, including:

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  • Helping staff access to native standard English, effectively improving their listening and speaking skills.
  • Learning in an all-English environment which aids in the practice of English reflexes.
  • Communication with a native trainer will improve the employee’s capacity to communicate effectively, leading to the usage of more natural and professional English.

Criterias to keep in mind when looking for an English trainer for your workforce

Selecting the right English communication teacher for employees plays an extremely important role in training effectiveness. To do this, businesses should pick based on the following criteria:

Choose a trainer who is a native speaker

As previously mentioned, learning English from native speakers has numerous clear advantages. The most crucial element, in particular, is to establish opportunities for employees to naturally access native standard English. This is a crucial basis for improving successful English communication abilities in the workplace.

Have a professional teaching certificate

Trainers must have a professional teaching certificate or degree, which is mandatory if firms wish to effectively train their employees. These qualifications are the most basic need for proving a professional’s ability and qualifications, saving time when comparing and selecting.

Choose someone with teaching experience that fits the company’s specifics

Each organization will operate in a different field, necessitating the need for chosen teaching professionals to have a matching knowledge base. As a result, teaching English communication to new employees/employees will then be as effective as expected while minimizing the waste of training costs.

Flexible and suitable curriculum

The level of workers at each company, as well as the necessity to learn English in each area, vary greatly. As a result, the English communication curriculum for employees must be flexible in order to satisfy the management’s learning goals.

Flexible teaching location and schedule

It is difficult for working people to set up a specific time and location for studying. As a result, in addition to seeking qualified instructors, organizations must also pay attention in negotiating a flexible training plan in terms of location, time, and approach. This is so that the engagement of a trainer to teach English communication to new staff will yield the best outcomes.

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Trainer


  • It is possible to create training content that is related to the actual work, allowing employees to swiftly apply in the workplace.
  • Ability to concentrate on teaching specific skills and content that businesses require.
  • Saves time and money on moving locations, and lessens the impact on professional work.


  • Difficult to train on a large scale.
  • Not suitable when a complicated pandemic is involved and present.
  • Monitoring and analysis of each employee’s learning development in the firm is limited.

What is the online English training solution for employees in the 4.0 era of enterprises?

With the current pandemic situation and the growth of technology 4.0, adopting well-researched online training programs like ELSA Speak will be the best solution, especially in the current epidemic situation.

ELSA for Organizations is a business-specific English training service that provides the most comprehensive international standard English training solution. ELSA Speak detects and corrects pronunciation errors to each syllable according to native standards by utilizing proprietary speech recognition technology. ELSA is for firms that are trusted by hundreds of domestic and international businesses to train employees in English.

The ELSA Testing System offers a suite of competency tests, including Pronunciation, Fluency, Intonation, Accent, and Listening, to assist businesses in assessing their professional competence, soft skills, and language ability. In particular, ELSA for organizations offers its key partners a modern, minimalist, and highly effective human resource inspection solution.

Furthermore, the Dashboard function allows businesses to assess the progress and refresh the learning status of employees through comprehensive reports, in order to achieve long-term growth goals. With this platform, assessing and evaluating training success will be faster and easier, not only saving the organization’s human resources but also allowing it to make the most relevant business adjustments as soon as possible.

Choosing the best approach for teaching English communication to employees/employees allows organizations to make the most of the time lost due to the pandemic, boosting the team’s readiness to resume normal operations. Learn more about ELSA Speak for Businesses to avoid missing out on the training solution used by many large corporations today!

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