The most effective methods of learning English for working adults.

The most effective methods of learning English for working adults.

As globalization intensifies, English is becoming one of the skills required for integrating and pursuing career opportunities. It is, nonetheless, difficult to improve English for working individuals. The main reason is a lack of time, along with a variety of additional issues. So, what is the most effective method for working people to learn English?

Experience of learning English for working people

The first step in deciding the best approach for learning English for working people is to establish your goals and level. These are essential fundamentals if you want to learn as effectively as possible.

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Determine the target

Before you begin, you must clearly define your objective. Do you wish to improve your communication skills, acquire a certificate, or have a better understanding of English-written documents in the workplace? If you want the journey to work as planned, each goal will require its own approach and learning path.

Moreover, in the process of learning English for working people, it is equally important to set short-term goals. For example, one could spend 10 minutes per day practicing English communication, acquire 5 new words every day, or master basic grammar in one month, for example. All of these will assist in the learning process by helping you develop habits as well as identify priorities at each stage.

Determine your current ability/level

Most working people begin learning English in a vague manner. They only follow other people’s methods and use other people’s shared documents and study plans with no quality checks. However, each person has a different knowledge “base and level”, as well as a different capability to absorb information. It will be impossible to learn from improper resources and methods if you do not know where you should start from. Not to mention, if you choose the wrong approach, you will easily feel discouraged during the learning process and give up.

If you don’t have time to visit a professional English center to assess your proficiency, you can do so entirely on your own by taking tests at reputable sites such as Cambridge English, English Placement Test, and others. Websites that provide free, highly reliable level assessments will assist you in determining your exact level so that you can develop an effective study plan which saves you time. Furthermore, thanks to AI speech recognition based on the IPA phonetic standard system, you may test your pronunciation for free with the English speaking practice application ELSA Speak.

Choose a clear study method and timetable

After establishing your goals and qualifications, the following step in learning English is to select the appropriate learning method. Each person’s ability to absorb and self-study will be different. Hence, you must be aware of your own (available) strengths and weaknesses as a basis to start your learning.

Aside from that, the factor of time is also important. You can create a clear, detailed timetable for each day, week, and month based on your time expected to reach the goal. Only then will you be able to get closer to your original goal.

An effective method of learning English for working people

Depending on your goals as well as your current English level, you can choose one of the methods below or combine all of them to efficiently achieve the expected results.

Read books

Working individuals who want to learn English can use books and newspapers if they have a basic grasp of the language and decent self-study skills. There are a variety of English books out there that suit various levels and skills, allowing you to concentrate on improving your weak points in a short period of time rather than through extensive studying. To help you improve your English, here are some books and publications to look into: VOA Learning English, People, …

Take advantage of free knowledge resources on the internet

When used properly, the internet can be a free and diversified source of English learning materials for working people, allowing you to enhance all of your skills quickly. If you want to enhance your communication skills, this is a great place to start. It offers high-quality audio and video training, as well as native English language standards at a wide range of levels. This form of learning is incredibly engaging and intuitive, but it does require a certain level of concentration (minimal distractions) during the learning process.

Studying at English centers

If you can arrange the time and cost, learning English at centers is a very good way for those who have forgotten their roots or cannot develop a suitable learning path on their own. You will receive detailed instructions along with regular checks to strengthen your reflexes and lay the groundwork for future development.

English for online working adults

For busy people who do not have time to attend traditional learning centers, online learning is a great alternative. You’ll find a variety of options for learning English for working people online, suited to a variety of levels and requirements. Some applications are even created specially to cater to each individual’s ability in the process of learning English, allowing users to practice in an online and interactive environment.

English learning path for working adults

It is clear that for working people with limited time, self-study or online learning is the best option. The most challenging task, however, is to create a suitable learning path that saves time and effort while still guaranteeing that the established goals are accomplished. A simple learning path will usually begin with a review of the fundamentals. The next step will be to practice and improve the skills in accordance with the established goals.

For beginners, this will be a big hurdle. However, if you utilize the ELSA Speak English speaking and communication practice application, you can entirely customize a learning path.

Upon installing and opening up ELSA Speak, you will be requested to take an entrance test to determine your level when installing ELSA Speak. Once you’ve finished, the Smart Assistant will help design a learning path that best matches your goals. ELSA Speak currently offers over 3012 lessons categorized under 129 subjects, addressing the needs of working people learning English in a variety of industries.

The most outstanding feature of ELSA Speak is the ability to accurately detect and correct faults at each syllable. This is a crucial basis for improving one’s listening and speaking skills, which helps bring you closer to the goal of communicating like a native.

Additionally, ELSA Speak also assigns a score to each lesson, allowing you to see how well you speak English in comparison to native speakers. Simply practice diligently within the allotted time frame, and you will notice significant improvements in yourself in a short period of time.

Working people may put in a lot more effort to learn English than students do in school. However, learning English will provide you with a variety of opportunities, as well as fascinating life and professional experiences. So never quit, no matter how difficult it is!

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