Top 7 best training management systems (LMS) for businesses in 2021

Top 7 best training management systems (LMS) for businesses in 2021

To manage and store the content of online lessons, online classes, manage students, businesses need to use a training management system (LMS) or Learning Management System. Among the management systems being used today, which ones are rated as the best training management systems? Check out the list below!

1. MindFlash 

MindFlash is a training management solution for large businesses and corporations. MindFlash has the advantage of being constructed on a relatively simple basis that fits the needs of eliminating the majority of the challenges that organizations experience when working remotely.

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Although MindFlash has restricted reporting metrics, this is not a major issue when evaluating this management solution. MindFlash remains popular due to numerous benefits such as:

  • Enterprises can actively build and create lesson content, update available lessons.
  • Assist firms in analyzing their business situation
  • Manage trainees, as well as training programs.
  • Managers can schedule online demos to receive helpful support from MindFlash builders, to operate MindFlash more efficiently.

2. Docebo 

Docebo is highly appreciated for its design and management features for businesses. Currently, over 2000 organizations and enterprises have registered to use this system. So what are the outstanding advantages of Docebo Learn LMS?

  • There is no restriction on the target audience. Anyone in need can participate in the training.
  • The learning outcomes of each student are connected to the business results of the enterprise. In other words, Docebo Learn LMS is capable of personalizing businesses based on custom reporting modules,
  • Many opportunities for students, with the offline learning function boosting learning efficiency.
  • Docebo features a scientific, basic, but appealing interface that provides an excellent user experience.

However, this software also has several drawbacks such as lack of initiative in consulting, taking care of users, or problems with APIs that make it difficult for many people to access.

3. ELSA Speak – English training for businesses


If businesses are interested in English training for employees, ELSA Speak should be the first choice. AI technology is applied in ELSA Speak, helping students and managers to be more motivated and excited in the convenient learning and training process.

With an optimally designed ELSA Dashboard, managers may more efficiently schedule classes by modifying the number of students, monitoring the learning situation of each individual by week, month, and tracking progress of each employee. Furthermore, the ELSA Testing System enables businesses to conduct comprehensive testing in order to assist businesses and organizations in recruiting the right personnel and assessing the skills and capabilities of their current employees.

Online lessons and training materials enable students to actively participate in training at any time and from any location. The study time has no impact on the usual company’s business activity. Businesses that use ELSA Speak benefit from a team of skilled personnel, solid English communication skills, and efficient work.

4. Canvas LMS 

Canvas is well-known for its effectiveness as a visual training management system. Canvas participants have the ability to save and reload the platform’s resources.

The integration of popular tools such as Google Docs or Etherpad, as well as social networking sites such as Facebook and Google, enhances the customer experience. Users can also edit and alter content on Canvas.

However, there has been significant skepticism of the accuracy of the data in the Canvas study. The data and reports presented above could be more consistent.

5. ProProfs LMS 

The ProProfs LMS training management system is appropriate for both large and small businesses. When users join ProProfs LMS, they gain access to a massive library of learning resources containing hundreds of different courses.

AI technology is used to build virtual classes, which improves user interaction. Students, classrooms, and learning efficiency are simply managed by business management. Furthermore, the engagement is boosted by the Q&A community, which helps to swiftly answer issues and effectively serve users.

6. TalentLMS 

The simplicity of the system is the first advantage to mention when mentioning TalentLMS. Therefore,  people have almost no difficulty using it. Gamification in TalentLMS engages students. Courses are hosted, and the interface is beautifully designed to inspire study.

TalentLMS provides tools for testing the learning process, including the ability for users to roleplay for more effective interaction. Users can track their learning progress based on their scores and training metrics. However, if problems or difficulties arise during use, users might not be able to receive prompt and flexible support from the TalentLMS team.

7. LotusLMS

Lotus LMS’s simple design allows users to simply use several functional modules ranging from learning to online exams to self-study from available learning resources. Learners can self-monitor their learning progress and results, as well as participate in tests and surveys to measure their own abilities.

Lotus LMS provides rapid and flexible service to customers, however, it is still limited due to the lack of multi-language support, generating difficulties for users.

We hope the above objective sharing of ELSA Speak and other training management systems will be useful to your business. To be able to develop in the globalized market, businesses need to focus on training hard skills and foreign language skills for their staff. ELSA has proven to be the most cost-effective solution (one of the best training management systems) for all businesses. You can register for a free experience at ELSA for organizations or contact [email protected] for more detailed advice.

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