What are the employee benefits of business English training?

What are the employee benefits of business English training?

Online English E-learning for employees is not a simple process. The training program must consider many objective factors such as time, the nature of the job, and so on. Although it is difficult, we cannot deny that online English learning programs for employees result in high-quality work and numerous other benefits for businesses. So, what are the employee benefits of business English training

Top 5 costs that can be cut when applying E-learning

Venue rental cost

According to the traditional teaching method, businesses that want to organize English lessons for their employees usually rent a place to teach, and rent is rarely affordable. They require a large and suitable location, especially for businesses with a large number of employees, and the price offered always seem to be rather high.

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Some businesses choose to use available space within the company to reduce rental costs, but this method has several drawbacks. Mainly because the company’s rooms are primarily designed for work rather than training and learning, which can be inconvenient for both teachers and learners.

If you organize online English lessons for your employees, your business will not need to worry about the location of the study. Venue rental costs are removed from the list, and learners participate in training anytime, anywhere when the time is right.

Direct training costs

There are numerous additional costs that must be considered when training in the traditional manner. These expenses include books, textbooks, tools, and equipment for teaching and learning, and sometimes even staff housing and living expenses during the course.

Online learning, on the other hand, only requires learners and teachers (if any) to use a personal computer or laptop with an internet connection to participate in the course. In this case, the costs to consider are simply the initial cost of purchasing an E-learning course for business.

Travel expenses

If learning is concentrated at a rented location, employees will need to travel from work/residence to the study site. This requires additional travel expenses. People who learn online, on the other hand, can study from anywhere, as there is no need for a fixed location. As a result, learners will be able to better plan their time and schedule.

Minimize costs for subsequent courses

When registering for a new focused on-site course, businesses must typically invest an additional cost equal to, or even greater than, the previous course. As for online English training, if you continue to participate in future courses, the costs will be lowered, and you will save a lot of money for your business.

Cost of lecturers/support staff

On-site instructors are frequently hired on an hourly or per training basis. Businesses must pay not only teaching fees but also other expenses such as housing and transportation for these instructors.

Adopting the online course method, you will only need to pay the cost of hiring a lecturer (if any) only a few times, as most of the course resources are in recorded video and audio format. Learners are allowed to re-use the document’s content as many times as they wish or need to.

Direct benefits of e-learning to business results

Reduce employee turnover rate

It is difficult to find a team of qualified and experienced employees. Sometimes it means sacrificing a significant amount of time and money since businesses struggle to retain talent in the absence of a good remuneration policy.

Organizing E-learning courses for employees is a good incentive. When a company creates favorable conditions for employees to grow, improve their qualifications and form close bonds with their colleagues, they are less likely to leave their jobs. With this, businesses can save money by not having to hire and train new employees from scratch, as well as save time and focus on other business activities.

Increase productivity / work efficiency

Employees’ work efficiency and productivity will improve as a result of training and development. The E-learning course, in particular learning English, lays a solid foundation for employees to participate more actively in business activities. Employees will be motivated to work hard and achieve better results if they receive benefits and remuneration from the company. This also means that workers’ earnings will rise.

Improve customer experience

When employees are motivated and enthusiastic about their jobs, they provide the best experience for the company’s customers. In the eyes of customers, the company’s image will improve and eventually lead to an increase in revenue generated.

Great employer branding tool

Organizing E-learning courses for employees is another effective way to help a brand’s image in the labor market. This type of benefit will attract talented and qualified employees. We cannot deny the significance and benefits that E-learning, such as online English courses for employees, brings to the development of business careers.

If you are looking for an online English training course for your employees, experience it right away with ELSA Speak. Employees can easily access a diverse and in-depth material repository: more than 15000 exercises, 130 constantly updated topics, and they can study anytime, anywhere. Moreover, because the curriculum is tailored to the specific needs of businesses, ELSA for organizations will undoubtedly benefit your organization.

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