Why are online English communication courses for employees often not as effective as expected?

Why are online English communication courses for employees often not as effective as expected?

Using online English communication courses for employees to train employees is a solution that many businesses choose because of its convenience and cost-efficiency. However, most of the units assessed the effectiveness of these programs to be unexpected. So what is the cause of this problem and how can we solve it? Let’s find the answer in the following article.

Top 4 reasons why English courses for employees often fail to achieve the expected results?

There are many different reasons why online English communication courses for working people could pose a challenge and result in ineffectiveness. Although it could be due to objective or subjective reasons, the most common reasons are as stated:

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The curriculum is not appropriate

Each company or industry has its own set of particularities, requiring the curriculum to be specifically designed to quickly achieve the set goals. However, most online English communication courses for working people are usually designed in a general way, targeting many subjects at the same time. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the expected teaching effectiveness.


Needless to say, these Online English communication programs for working people would have English teachers in the classroom. Although these teachers are definitely equipped with experience and skills, most of these teachers have been placed in a corporate environment, leading to them having little understanding of the problems faced by industry insiders. On top of that, there is an undeniable fact that current teaching methods are mostly targeted to students. This creates difficulty in encouraging excitement for people who go to work, especially since they are busy and on a time constraint. In addition, the teaching staff has little to no exposure to real-life scenarios to come up with the most ideal solutions, leading to low applicability in practice.

Haven’t focused on the practice of communication

To grasp and fully communicate the English language for working people taking the courses, practice would be the most effective way to do so. However, there are many obstacles in the online learning process that make it difficult to practice communicating effectively which is expected. This also somewhat hinders the effectiveness of online courses.

Not fully grasping the employee’s learning process

For businesses, capturing and properly assessing the learning process of employees will be of great assistance in adjusting training methods to best suit the set goals. However, with the majority of online training methods for working people today, it is very difficult to evaluate the entire process.

ELSA Speak – English solution for office workers in the 4.0 era 

Despite the stated challenges, learning English communication online for working people is still the optimal choice for many businesses because of a series of advantages such as flexibility, cost savings, vast information on the internet and the opportunity to access a large number of customers. The problem here is that businesses need to consider choosing the right solution, to overcome the problems that affect the effectiveness of training. Therefore, the introduction of the ELSA solution package for organizations has contributed to thoroughly solving the problems in online English training that many businesses are facing.

ELSA Testing System

ELSA Testing System is a comprehensive computer-based English proficiency assessment system that helps businesses and organizations properly assess the English ability of their staff, thereby offering the most appropriate training plan.

The system provides a diverse experience on the same platform, making it convenient for users to manipulate when taking the test. Moreover, enterprises also easily allocate different tests suitable for each department, control the training progress as well as view detailed results reports for each employee. This is an outstanding point that not all online English communication training programs for working people are able to do.

The English proficiency tests on the ELSA Testing System are designed for a variety of skills including listening, speaking, reading, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, designed by ELSA’s leading language experts. In addition, the system also provides TOEIC equivalent tests provided by OOOLAB, mainly focusing on reading and listening skills. The content of the tests will be designed based on the actual work context to help businesses more accurately assess the English ability of employees in the actual working environment.

ELSA Dashboard

One of the biggest obstacles businesses face is examining and evaluating employee learning holistically. This will be quickly resolved through the ELSA Dashboard feature.

In just 3 seconds, administrators will easily look up all information related to students. From practice time, score achieved for each lesson, learning progress… all will be displayed through detailed, visual reports. As a result, businesses will promptly urge or adjust to quickly achieve the set goals.

The route is suitable for each department and employee

Compared to other online English communication programs for ordinary people, the learning path with ELSA Speak will be led by leading language experts, suitable for the characteristics of each department and employee. As a result, learning efficiency will be improved quickly, helping employees quickly apply what they have learned to work.

Practice with a variety of lessons and “one to one tutors”

Currently, ELSA Speak has developed more than 3,012 lessons with more than 15,060 practice exercises, divided into 129 different topics. This makes it easy for learners to choose the content that best suits their needs and abilities to practice and increase interest in learning.

In addition, the native A.I tutor will help detect and correct pronunciation errors to each syllable thanks to Artificial Intelligence. This helps learners perfect pronunciation, thereby improving the remaining skills more quickly and effectively. It can be seen that learning English to communicate online for working people is the optimal solution for businesses that want to improve the foreign language skills of their staff evenly while still minimizing training costs. The launch of ELSA specifically for businesses has effectively solved the obstacles caused by online learning, thereby quickly achieving the set goals. Visit now to learn more about the most suitable English training solution for your staff here.

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