Benefits of Language Confidence at Work

Benefits of Language Confidence at Work

Workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural, and you will want to be able to fit into the environment with the proper skills and confidence. Businesses now tend to look more at a person’s confidence than their skills, meaning that language confidence at work is now a need when working in the mentioned multicultural environment.

Confidence is not just something you use to reassure others, but it is also something that helps you understand yourself. Confidence as a mindset helps you empower your strengths to do the best in whatever you do and helps you trust yourself. With this language, confidence will play a huge role along with language skills when it comes to working with international colleagues.

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Here are some benefits that having language confidence bring about at work:

1. You become a better communicator

According to research, following language training, 70% of employees feel more confident in their work and interactions with colleagues, clients, partners, etc. Confidence aids in the bridge of communication gaps in the workplace. Confidence comes with the ability to clearly articulate your message, assist others in paying attention and foster a healthy workplace where colleagues can communicate effectively.

Be a workplace that promotes language confidence among your employees to give birth to effective communicators and improve their simple day-to-day interactions with one another.

2. Builds Your Personal Brand

Unsurprisingly, most business leaders, trailblazers, and world leaders are confident. The confidence they carry around is usually what makes them so famous and inspirational. Just like how, when you are choosing someone to work with, it is always better to work with a person who is confident as compared to one that frequently self-doubts.

Being confident in your abilities not only attracts people to choose you like someone to work with, but it also builds your general image and personal brand. You produce more positive energy with your confidence and show people that you are more than what you do for a living.

These people’s enhanced confidence and productivity contribute to promotions and upward mobility within the company, as well as new job opportunities.

3. Performance Booster

It has been proven that language confidence leads to workplace success. Workers also save an average of three hours or more every week due to improved language skills. With enough language skills and confidence, it makes any employee able to do their tasks more efficiently. 

This powerful combo is not only essential to achieving productivity and capability of employees but also to benefit the company positively. For example, (language) confident employees tend to do more than what’s being asked or required as they are more confident with themselves. This increases the overall engagement and ROI of the company.

4. Increased Happiness

Confident people are the ones who are the happiest. Being able to confidently interact with different people is something that everyone wants. You will become happier as you achieve more productive results (thanks to confidence), motivating you to do even better in the future.

A company will want their employees to be able to mingle with their colleagues, partners, or clients from different parts of the world and better connect with them. This results in a more socially connected work environment and provides a sense of satisfaction and content for the employees.

5. You Become More Assertive

Similar to the building of a personal brand, language confidence empowers you with assertiveness (in a good way). Language or not, confidence comes in handy when it comes to discussions and presentations, where you usually have to communicate your thoughts and decisions to others. Hence, language confidence at work can get you far, compared to just being competent and skilled alone.

Language Confidence With ELSA

Confidence is not something that everyone is born with. Fortunately, confidence can still be developed through hard work and a little practice. For language confidence, one can simply sign up for speaking workshops, take more initiative at work, or even just self-study in the comfort of our homes using mobile learning apps.

The good news is, ELSA Speak – an English learning application – used by many businesses, is here to help. It covers a wide range of English skills such as Listening, Reading, Pronunciation and Speaking, Grammar, and Vocabulary compiled by ELSA’s language experts. The first step to achieving language confidence is being proficient in said language. 95% of our learners feel more confident in their English speaking skills just 3 months into using ELSA Speak. For businesses who are looking for a way to improve their employees’ (language) confidence, leave it to ELSA Speak, your best choice. Try it for free and learn more about the ELSA solution for organizations today!

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