Bite-sized Learning for Knowledge Retention

Bite-sized Learning for Knowledge Retention

The human brain tends to forget. Not all information is needed beyond the immediate moment or situation. Hence, learning and training facilitators are responsible for assisting learners in maximizing knowledge retention. Memory is primarily the process of absorbing, storing, and recalling information, and there are strategies in teaching that can be used to strengthen these capabilities. One of the most effective tactics is Bite-sized Learning (Microlearning).

What is Bite-sized Learning?

Bite-sized learning is a training method that divides complex topics into little, self-contained information bits. They typically last 1 to 15 minutes and are focused on a single (tightly defined) subject. The strategy allows students to pause whenever they’ve finished a subject, allowing them time to process what they’ve learned. In comparison, traditional training methods can easily take 30 to 60 minutes (or longer) to consume a broader range of targets, which is often unnecessary.

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It is simpler to focus on the subject at hand when learning is broken down into bite-sized chunks. Because each module is clearly created with a single aim in mind, the method also guarantees that learner expectations are managed.

Why Choose to Adopt Bite-sized Learning?

–        Improves Long-Term Retention by Up to 80%

According to RPS research, bite-sized learning boosts attentiveness and long-term retention by up to 80%. As bite-sized modules are more focused, learners’ minds aren’t clogged with irrelevant information, making retention easier. Smaller bits of information are also generally easier to comprehend than larger portions of information.

–        Higher Demand for Bite-sized learning

Employers are increasingly squeezing training into gaps in employees’ schedules, rather than allocating extended blocks of study time. Bite-sized nuggets that are designed to be meaningful in a short session (10-15 minutes) fit more easily into this trend.

According to a report by Software Advice, The LMS Features that Drive Employee Engagement IndustryView, more than half of the 385 workers polled said they would utilize their company’s learning tools more if the courses were shorter. Longer courses, they argue, are not only more difficult to absorb and retain, but they also interfere with their everyday employment.

–        Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Time is one of the most significant barriers to workplace learning. While we all know that genuine learning takes work, energy, and attention, many students struggle to locate those concentration windows.

There is a reason why bite-sized learning is becoming more popular as a type of staff training: small modules are excellent for learning on the move. For example, If your commute is half an hour, you won’t be able to view a two-hour online course, but you may pass the time on your train trip by seeing one or two ten-minute mini-modules and arriving at work ready to meet the difficulties of the day.

–        Cheaper and Easier

Another reason bite-sized learning is taking over the world of work training is that it eliminates the need for long days devoted solely to training new employees or updating the skills of your current workforce: bite-sized learning is ultimately more cost-effective for businesses because production does not have to stop for training.

ELSA’s Commitment to Bite-Sized Learning

ELSA wishes to empower the workforce of tomorrow and we believe that effective learning of English will do exactly that. ELSA caters to organizations of all sizes with an effective corporate English training solution to help their staff improve their English-speaking skills.

ELSA Speak is an English pronunciation app that teaches English pronunciation skills anytime, anywhere using AI-powered speech recognition technology.

Thanks to our exclusive voice recognition technology, ELSA, the world’s Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligence App, corrects your pronunciation problems down to the syllable level in seconds. Learners can listen to native speakers’ pronunciation, see videos of mouth motions, and practice daily to keep improving.

Bite-sized learning modules in ELSA

In view of bite-sized learning, ELSA has over 3000 fun and bite-sized lessons to practice, covering all key speaking skills, including pronunciation, word stress, and intonation. For learners who used ELSA for just 10 minutes a day for three months;

–        90% saw an improvement in pronunciation

–        68% felt they spoke more clearly

–        95% expressed higher confidence in speaking English

Think about the benefits to your employee’s English proficiency level when you adopt ELSA, especially with the inclusion of the bite-size learning method. Furthermore, our ELSA Dashboard function enables you to create goals and track your employees’ progress in real-time, allowing you to see incredible outcomes (like the ones above) for yourself and your company.

Book a demo with us to learn more about ELSA for Corporations plan.

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