Personalized Training for Employees (Skill Development)

Personalized Training for Employees (Skill Development)

As we actively advocate for, one size fits all is not something we believe in here at ELSA. You should personalize training experiences for your employees as much as possible if you want them to take away knowledge and skills from the training plans. 

It is quite evident that learners will more likely accept something that they want, and personalized learning produces higher quality results. If you are still having doubts, let us explain to you some benefits of personalized training for employees so you can be convinced of its effectiveness. 

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Saves Time 

Personalized training cuts down on the time it takes a learner to engage with and understand a new subject. Depending on the experience level of the learner, content that is irrelevant can be removed or adjusted in personalized training to avoid wasting the learner’s time.

This allows your employees to spend more time learning more useful things or using those unwasted minutes and hours on more productive work tasks.

Targeted Learning

Personalized training is specially curated to fit the specific needs of learners, meaning that not all of your employees have the same learning path. Each employee has their own unique pace of learning and competency level. 

Instead of forcing everyone to go through the same learning modules, give them the option of what they want to learn based on their interests and proficiency. For example, some learners may not want to go through the boring introductory phase if they already have prior knowledge of the subject, and allowing them to skip a few initial levels may speed up their learning and allow them to enjoy the process a bit more. 

Higher Engagement

When you give your learners the freedom to choose what they want to learn, how they want to learn, and the speed of their learning (with a benchmark of course), they will feel valued. Showing them that their organization cares about their learning and upskilling efforts will leave them with a positive impact on their learning, productivity, and general relationship with their organization.

Since they choose their learning pace and path based on their personal selections, they will be more invested in their learning and you will overall achieve a higher engagement level from your employees. Furthermore, as they get engaged in the content they want to learn, they are more motivated to learn at the same time.

Greater Customization for Your Organization

Personalized learning modules are usually better than static learning resources as they can be customized to a wider extent. Since most personalized trainings are usually done online, you can easily incorporate your brand logo and design elements on the interface. 

You can also tweak the content to better fit your organization by including relevant scenarios or examples that your employees commonly face. Customization, makes your employees’ learning feel closer to home (your organization) and will likely motivate them to learn. 

Better Knowledge Retention

Since personalized training increases engagement and motivation of learners as mentioned, learners will more likely interact and remember the content taught. Furthermore, with the customization of learning mentioned, learners can connect the content taught with real-life scenarios easier, making it easier to recall information using existing knowledge. 

Personalized training often contains tips and helpful information that is so relevant that learners can immediately apply and continuously practice it, making retention of knowledge much higher.

Future Proofs High-Quality Results

Personalized training is not cheap, and it may be hard to create one, but the results and satisfaction it brings are without a doubt a worthy investment. Studies have actively shown that a personalized training method yields better learning results as compared to the conventional, static training method. 

With a method that is relevant, engaging, and easy to capture, personalized training produces learners who are pleased with their interactions with the modules and will translate to a more productive and efficient employees.

Personalize Your (English Language) Training With ELSA

ELSA Speak is an English speaking and communication learning application that uses proprietary AI voice recognition technology to detect and correct pronunciation errors accurately to each syllable. As a result, learners can practice English pronunciation skills comprehensively, and improve their English level for office communication in just a short time.

With relevance to personalized training, ELSA Speak’s leading language experts will design a specialized learning path, tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the company or department. As a result, employees’ English learning will be closer to their actual work environment, increasing competitive advantage and efficiency at work.

Besides, ELSA Speak’s curriculum is researched and developed to suit many different audiences and levels. Therefore, enterprises can easily apply their training in practice. It is important for the management to find ways to overcome the weaknesses and find the most optimal solution for its staff. For businesses who are looking for a way to help their employees learn English (with a personalized approach), ELSA Speak will be the most suitable choice in the current context. Try it for free and learn more about the ELSA solution for organizations today!

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