The Beauty of (English) Language Training in Businesses

The Beauty of (English) Language Training in Businesses

English – the world’s lingua franca

English has been the established lingua franca in the current generation of the global business environment. English is more often than not the language that non-native English speakers use to communicate with each other – a powerful tool indeed. 

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With that, to those non-native speakers, foreign language skills are crucial in today’s global economy. An organization’s success depends on a number of variables like cost management, leadership, R&D, well-defined mission & vision, and many others. However, an essential variable that organizations often overlook is the language training of employees.

Strong knowledge of the world’s lingua franca helps speed up organizations’ expansion into the global business market and especially employees in their international work productivity and efficiency. Before you toss aside the idea of English language training thinking that it is overvalued, read the benefits of having it for your organization (below) before confirming your decision.

Promote Collaboration and Team Spirit

Language learning doesn’t have to happen alone. Employees can always learn as a group despite everyone having unique learning styles, paces, and paths, and this is a great way to motivate them and encourage team bonding.

Once your employees achieve a certain level of English proficiency, they will tend to become better team players who actively communicate and resolve issues. Without a common language and level of proficiency to hold the team together, many issues may arise simply by certain employees not being confident enough to voice out their opinions. Don’t let these hurdles cost you your organization’s success, and invest in producing more collaborative employees.

Increased Employee Retention

One of the biggest and most common challenges for human resource managers or executives is keeping employees happy. Business leaders should always prioritize employee retention as their number one long-term strategy priority, as you lose so many resources from losing employees and needing to train new ones from the ground up.

The last thing you want in your organization is disgruntled employees who will negatively affect your organization’s productivity and image. Employees who are given language training are more likely to feel rewarded and engaged in their work because their company invested in their personal and professional growth.

Employees who are offered corporate benefits related to their well-being are far more likely to stay with the company long-term than at a company without those benefits. People are far less likely to look for jobs elsewhere when they feel valued and appreciated. In this whole generation of high turnover rates, stand out from the crowd and show your employees the love that they need and deserve.

Higher Confidence and Better Performance of Employees

According to research, following language training, 70% of employees feel more confident in their work and interactions with colleagues, clients, partners, etc.

Learning a new language is a great way to boost your self-esteem. Giving your employees the opportunity to learn a new language can boost their confidence in themselves and their abilities, as well as their outlook on their future with your organization. Read more about language confidence at work in our other article here!

Wider Reach of Clientele

Not only will being able to interact with clients in their native language increase your communication skills, but it will also convey your respect for them. When one is speaking their native language, they tend to exhibit personality traits that are different from when they speak a second language. Hence, this puts the other party more at ease, happy and confident especially if they are native English speakers. Hosting a meeting in a commonly used language (English) helps you build rapport easily and potentially improve your relationship.

Similarly, if you’re pitching to work with an overseas client and you take the time to learn their native language, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

Global Workforce

Workforces are growing more international as the globe grows more connected. Because recruiters can now hire people from all over the world, they are no longer limited to employing people from their own country. You would want your company to be ready for the international scene and with that, you have to develop your employees’ English language skills.

In doing so, you will help your employees develop a global mindset that will undoubtedly be beneficial to your business.

Furthermore, providing your staff with the resources to learn the lingua franca of international business will broaden their horizons and expose them to different cultures as they network with people from all over the world.

ELSA Speak – English Training App for Employees

Even after deciding to invest in English language training for your employees, choosing the right training method to quickly improve their English level is not easy. To help overcome the hurdle of choosing, ELSA has launched the ELSA for organizations package with a series of outstanding features. The application has the ability to recognize speech with AI technology to detect and correct pronunciation errors accurately for each syllable.

Currently, ELSA Speak has developed more than 15,000 English lessons and exercises that comprehensively support speaking skills including pronunciation, stress, and intonation. These lessons and exercises are divided into more than 130 topics ranging from Business English, Professional English to General Office English. All lessons are easily accessible from the phone so employees can comfortably learn and practice anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait any longer, grasp the beauty of English language training for your employees and reap the benefits now. To learn more about English language training for the office or a range of other useful topics, visit ELSA for organizations now for a free demo and consultation.

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