Why Is Employee Commitment Important In 2021?

Why Is Employee Commitment Important In 2021?

A 2015 Gallup study indicated that: Only 30% of employees say they put real effort into their work. More than 50% of employees do not feel committed and nearly 20% admit they have actively distanced themselves from their work. How can this situation negatively impact the business? How can businesses engage employees more, and why is this Employee Commitment so important to businesses?

employee commitment

What is employee commitment?

Employee commitment is the bond that employees have towards their organization. Employees who are committed to their organization, in general, feel more connected with their institution, that they align in, and that they fully comprehend the organisational vision. The added value of such employees is that they are more motivated in their work and generate relatively high outcomes.

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What’s the difference between employee commitment vs employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a natural attitude that indicates a person’s passion for his or her job. Commitment, on the other hand, refers to an employee’s enthusiasm for the organization for which he or she works.

We categorize employees into four types that can provide understanding of the level of engagement and commitment within an organization: engaged and committed, engaged, committed, and neither engaged nor committed. The four types are distinguished by the following characteristics:

employee commitment

Engaged and committed employees are both engaged in their work and committed to the organisation. Employees who find joy in their tasks and the organization they belong to.

Engaged employees are engaged in their work, but not committed to the organisation.

Committed employees are committed to the organisation, but not engaged in their work.

Employees that are neither engaged nor committed do not find any interest and motivation in their work & companies as well. 

The best case scenario is belief to be an employee who is both engaged and committed. By this way, the employee can deliver values to the business, generate outstanding performance, through their determination, proactive support, relatively high productivity and an awareness of quality.

employee commitment

What are the strategies to improve employee commitment, in big corps & in SMEs?

There are a great many ways in which both big corps and SMEs can effectively provoke & reinforce employee commitment, including the following.

Implement an open-door policy.

Some SMEs do not even provide management with a separate office. They are seated at a desk in the same room as their employees. This evokes connection, open communication and fosters a sense of unity. Employees’ morale can also improve when they can see and interact with their supervisors on a regular basis.

Accomplishments should be rewarded and recognized

One of excellent leadership’s essential factors is to make employees feel appreciated for their hard work. A simple acknowledgment of good work can drastically affect an employee’s happiness. People rarely work solely for financial gain; they also need to feel a sense of accomplishment.

employee commitment

Strive for an adaptive environment

Employees who believe they have some control over how they work and how they get outcomes tend to be more productive and engaged. This can take the form of telecommuting on occasion, allowing time off for family issues, or flexible schedules, depending on the organisation characteristics. This results in more accountable and committed employees, and as a matter of fact.

Business English Program

In the context of current global integration, business English is a highly practical solution, helping to improve the work efficiency of personnel, thereby improving employee welfare, towards the common goal of Grow your business in the long run.

With the statistics of The Total Workforce 2019 when only 5% of Vietnamese workers have a good level of English, business leaders need to work hard to improve English training for their employees to increase their competitive advantage. . Besides, a business with a specific English training program will help build trust and high satisfaction in employees. It proves the enthusiasm of the business for its employees, when not only providing them with a positive working environment, but also a personal development roadmap. From there, Employee Commitment will be born and strengthened inside each person, helping to create motivation for them to improve their English ability every day, to complete the assigned work in the most effective way.

employee commitment

Why is employee commitment important?

Employees Efficiency

When an employee is committed to their company, they believe in the company’s shared goals, vision, and mission, which results in increased efficiency and performance. They can afterwards produce a larger effort to be self-sufficient, set more ambitious plans, and accomplish more.

Employee advocacy

Because they believe in the broader movement, committed employees are more likely to advocate for their organization. On both a professional and personal level, they have adopted the organization’s goals and values. This implies that they enthusiastically support the organization’s products, services, and policies.

employee commitment

Reduced absenteeism

When an employee is dedicated, he or she is much less likely to procrastinate than their coworkers. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to appreciate coming to work, completing tasks, achieving goals, and being a valuable team member.

Reduced turnover

When an employee identifies with the strategic direction of the organization, they are far less likely to consider leaving, even if they experience unavoidable intervals of job dissatisfaction.

ELSA Speak with a solution to reinforce employee commitment.

Employee commitment can be elevated, as previously stated, when their accomplishments are recognized. The job here is to make them feel a sense of improvement & contribution to the organization. In terms of internal participation activities, learning and monitoring the English proficiency of the entire organization can be an effective interactive activity to help business managers better interact with their employees and bridge the gap between them. As a result, company members can head towards further development together.

ELSA for organizations

With the hope of contributing & helping organizations to reinforce employee commitment during such an interesting time, ELSA has been introducing its B2B end-to-end solution packages and working with many corporates & schools, to improve the English proficiency of their employees and students. With constant updates and new solutions coming out, the company expects to assist businesses and organizations further and lead in the new paradigm.

1/ Providing an all-in-one experience with a one-stop shop, making the process simple for both test takers and administrators.

2/ Enabling organizations to easily assign tests to multiple members in different positions and departments while maintaining a bird’s-eye view of all assessments through real-time tracking and monitoring of members’ testing status and performance in immediate automated assessment scores.

3/ Covering a wide range of English skills such as Listening, Reading, Pronunciation and Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary compiled by ELSA’s language experts, and the TOEIC equivalent test focusing on Reading & Listening provided by OOOLAB – a recognized provider of TOEIC equivalency tests in Vietnam.

With its effective and efficient methods, ELSA anticipates community-wide attempts to enhance English skills for Vietnam’s current and future human resources. If your corporation would like to evaluate our product, please contact us at [email protected].

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