Mindset Training for High-Performance Learning

Mindset Training for High-Performance Learning

Learning English is really really tough. At ELSA, we fully understand that and that’s why we came up with ELSA Speak – an English learning application, aimed at effectively teaching learners English with our globally recognized proprietary AI speech recognition technology. We also offer a plan just for businesses for better learning facilitation and monitoring.

But, enough about us. Let’s go back to what we start with, the difficulty of learning English. No matter how good a teaching method is, if the learner does not cultivate a mindset for high-performance learning, he or she will be slow/unable to learn anything. This includes the learning of English with ELSA.

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A high-performing mindset is about having the ability to create the most optimized internal posture for you to be your best. Anyone can cultivate this mindset, it is not reserved for the gifted, it is about performing your best for the specific circumstance.

Here are some key tips for developing a high-performance mindset.

1. Understand Yourself and Your Habits

Just like many mindsets that you want to cultivate, you have to understand yourself so that you can plan out the perfect strategy and goals to achieve having that mindset. One straightforward example when it comes to changing your mindset is to take a look at your current habits and examine it to see if it is helping you achieve that mindset.

It can be simple habits like what you do right after you wake up or even the time when you take your showers. Reflect on them and be open to changing those bad habits which you feel are pushing you away from cultivating a high-performance mindset. Such as; sleeping too late at night, not waking up earlier for breakfast, spending too much time on social media, etc.

2. Set goals

Set clear and measurable goals to track your efficiency. Do some research as to how to set proper goals and of course, once you have done it, plan out how you are going to achieve those goals meticulously. One well-known method is to follow the rule of S.M.A.R.T goals.

Dream big! high goals will eventually let you achieve more than those people who settled for less. However, remember that you can always break your big goals into smaller, more bite-sized ones. Make it so that you motivate yourself with BOTH small and big successes.  

3. Have Courage to Fail

The beauty of succeeding is to look back at your failures and realize how far you have improved and come. The wrong response to failure is to be defeated and stop moving forward.

After setting your goals and strategy, you want to confidently strut to your goals. Confidence is linked to a high-performance mindset which helps pull you through tough times and negative experiences.

People tend to become what they think of themselves. So, as you keep telling yourself that you can do it, you will definitely be able to do it. Keep going forward, have the courage to fail, but also do your best!

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am pretty sure that you have heard of the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race. When you slow down, you can take time to look at things from a clearer viewpoint and come up with a step-by-step plan as to what to do next. This way, although we value failure, we can avoid those unnecessary ones.

Take a breather every now and then and enjoy the whole learning and cultivating process. And speaking of enjoyment, another way to “slow down and win the race” is to find things you love to do, during your journey to achieving a high-performance mindset. Improving yourself should never be a rat race with others, your mindset is yours and no one can tell you otherwise.

5. Don’t NATO (No Action Talk Only)

Lastly, after taking in all the key steps above, make sure you walk your talk and take action! The last thing you should do or tell yourself is “I’ll start tomorrow”. Put CONSISTENT effort even if it is small (small successes are still successes). Organize your time and prioritize your goals and plans, and follow through on what’s most important to you.

Achieve a High Performance Mindset

Remember, everyone has different values, beliefs, life experiences, etc. Someone’s high-performance mindset may not be a high-performance mindset for you. Whatever it is, take things slow and of course, enjoy learning English with your newly found/to-be-found high-performance mindset.


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