Bài nói tiếng Anh theo chủ đề nơi chốn quen thuộc: nhà ở, thư viện, công viên,…

Bài nói tiếng Anh theo chủ đề nơi chốn quen thuộc: nhà ở, thư viện, công viên,…

Nếu bạn đang làm việc cho các tập đoàn nước ngoài và buộc phải tham gia các kỳ thi chứng chỉ năng lực quốc tế như IELTS hay TOEFL nhưng vẫn còn đang đau đầu với các bài nói tiếng Anh, ELSA xin chia sẻ đến bạn một số bài tham khảo theo chủ đề nơi chốn dưới bài viết sau.

Từ, cụm từ tiếng Anh miêu tả nơi chốn

Cụm từ chỉ vị trí của nơi chốn

Cụm từ chỉ nơi chốn | ELSA Speak
Từ vựngNghĩaVí dụ
By the sea/ On the coastven biểnThey spent a week by the sea (= on the coast) this year.
In the north/south/west/east ofở phía bắc/nam/tây/đông củaHer garden is in the south of the market.
at the (name) river bên sôngThe pagoda is at the Huong river.
In a valleytrong thung lũngA few farms of local people were dotted about in the valley.
On a plaintrên đồng cỏThe goats stood grazing on the plain.
In the countrysideở vùng quêI’m spending next month in the countryside with a friend.
In the mountainsở vùng núiThey intend to plant more trees in the mountains.
Near a forest/desertgần rừng/sa mạcThere is a national park with a 16,000 foot peak near the dry desert ocean. 
In the cityở thành phốLiving in the city is very convenient for all of my family members.

Bài mẫu nói tiếng Anh về tổ ấm của mình

Bài nói tiếng Anh về tổ ấm gia đình | ELSA Speak

I would like to share with you my perfect house where I am living with my beloved family. It is a spacious and comfortable house which is pretty far away from the crunch of busy city life. It is located in the middle of nowhere. My house is painted green. It contains a lot of windows as well as a good ventilation system so that I definitely enjoy the natural light and peaceful atmosphere. I am really keen on filling my lung with the fresh air of my hometown.

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My house is also surrounded by many different kinds of flowers and trees. I would love to spend my free time in our cozy balcony at night. My house is always a great place for me and my family to relieve stress after hard – working days.

Bài mẫu nói tiếng Anh về Thư viện

Bài nói tiếng Anh về chủ đề thư viện | ELSA Speak

I am a bookworm, so I always go to the City Library in my spare time. It is located in the heart of my lovely city and just around 10 minutes from my house. This place is so cozy and I can have access to millions of books which can feed my curiosity and everything. It has seven floors with different catalogs. It can cater to those who enjoy novels, who are in need of research materials, those cramming for the exams, or for young minds that simply want to look at the picture books. There is even a floor where visitors can have some snacks and refreshments. 

It is my wonderful place when I need to pay attention to my studies or when I must have a quiet place without any distractions. I have to admit that I prefer going there alone but there are instances when I could use some company. Sometimes I and my classmates go there to concentrate on our tasks. Moreover, it is surrounded by a great deal of big trees, so this is the best place for me to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life as well as recharge my battery after school.

Bài mẫu nói tiếng Anh về công viên gần nơi bạn sống

Bài nói tiếng Anh về công viên | ELSA Speak

The public park in my city is 29/3 Park. It is a charming and picturesque place for local people. This park is a combination of modern and classical style. There are many old trees, which have been around for many years. There are a few animals including squirrels, birds, pandas, monkeys, or fish, which really interest visitors. There is a big lake in the middle that makes the park look greater. This park has also an extremely spacious and airy space for walking, biking, and other activities.

When I come to this park, I have the opportunity to get acquainted with many people who have the same interest of doing yoga as me or I can walk around to breathe in some fresh air to get ready for a new day. Every year on Lunar New Year, this park holds many cultural and traditional events which attract a lot of residents coming to visit. The 29/3 park is a perfect place for people in my city to let off steam and enjoy themselves after exhausting working days. I am so in love with this park.
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